Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little Yoga

I hate my body right now.  Mainly my right foot. The Plantar fasciitis is acting up again in a big way! Last night I hopped on the treadmill armed to do a great workout. During the warm-up I felt a pop in my heal and that was the end of that. I iced my foot and did an upper body workout while sitting in my chair.  

Today I am feeling OK.  Just OK. My heal is sore, it's best that I let it rest. I'm feeling sorry for myself right now.  I need to exercise. Not just for the weight loss, but also for the depression. I find my mood is much improved after a workout. Doing smaller workouts such as the one I did last night, doesn't seem to boost the much-needed endorphins my brain needs. 

That all being said, I decided to pick up a Yoga DVD today. I've done a little Yoga on the Wii.  (just a side note that I love the Wii fit - if only my board would work consistently!).  The pickin's were slim so I ended up going with Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners. I watched a good chunk of the video before trying. Wanted to know what I was getting into before getting into it. :) 

Doing the exercises proved to be tougher than I first thought. The instruction is fifteen minutes long. The time went fairly quick, even when I was feeling the burn. I'll add the Yoga to my routine, especially right now when I have very little choices in what I can actually do. I know how important it is for me to stay with some sort of routine. If I don't, I will not only get back into my old eating habits, but will probably also need to start back on the meds. Can't. Have. That.

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  1. I took a yoga class in college, and it was fantastic. It was tough getting through that hour, but the instructor was really awesome, he came to talk to me several times after class to see how I was doing. I should probably find a video/book/youtube video and get back to it, because it was fun.
    Also, I took Tai-chi that was a lot of fun too. Come to think of it, my list of gym classes was juggling (thrice) first aid, fencing, tai-chi, yoga, and stage fighting. I enjoyed all of them :)