Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Really hating my body today!  Up 3 pounds! 

I know why. And it steams me just thinking about it.  It's also another reason that I hate this battle. It isn't just a battle for me, it's a downright WAR!

This past weekend, I went out with my Mom for girls day. I started the day doing a two plus mile walk.  I had a decent breakfast. Lunch wasn't so hot, but I didn't finish my plate. I decided at lunch that dinner would be small to make up for some of the calories I took in. I came home to fine homemade mac & cheese- a HUGE downfall of mine. I talked myself out of having it. Me, myself and I had a long chat about how crappy I'd feel after indulging. I indulged at lunch - that was enough. I was all ready with my plan of attack. Alas, the mac & cheese won. Damn it!

Then Sunday happens. Hubs decided to make his homemade tomato sauce (I do that every Wednesday, using Jillian's recipe) with meatballs.  I put some sauce aside for myself so I wouldn't have to have the added fat and calories from the meatballs. I had. a. plan. Then I went and made homemade bread, which would have been fine if I had eaten something else during the day. I ended up eating a ton of bread. What was wrong with me? It's OK though, I had a plan to bring calories in for Monday and Tuesday - if I pulled off a little loss and/or stayed the same, I would have been happy.

But no. My foot has to act up forcing me to be still. Sure, I did a little Yoga yesterday. I also worked with the medicine ball yesterday. Not enough calories burned.

It's all good though. I am taking one more day to rest my foot, then all bets are off for the remainder of the week. My calories are on target, my workouts will follow.

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