Monday, December 5, 2011

FMM: I am...

Oh phooey!  I'm not getting any better with posting. I'm not getting any better with keeping on with my plan either. Guess that's why I am avoiding you? 
I'm still maintaining my weight. I'm OK with that seeing all the Christmas parties and such that have been going on and that are filling up the calendar as we speak. My ultimate goal right now is just to make it through. If I can get to the gym and do the best I can with the eating, I should maintain and then I can really focus once all this stuff is done. So hard to concentrate when everyone around you is talking about and serving up loads and loads of treats. I did turn down ice cream last night, so I am heading in the right direction right there. 
And now for some fun...

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FMM: I am…

1. I am good atbeing a Mom.  At least I hope I am. :D 
2. I am happy when… I'm with family and/or friends. 

3. I am working on… being an elf with all the decorating, shopping and wrapping I'm doing these days. Almost done! Also working on keeping the eating in check this holiday season. I would like to at least maintain through New Years! Oh, and am working on blogging more...good thing New Year's is coming...another resolution!

4. I am interested in…scrapbooking, photography (really need to take a class)
5. I am always… tired. Well, seems that way these days. 
6. I am enjoying… decorating for Christmas. I purged a lot last year and the year before. Now I'm working on rebuilding my decor. Having tons o'fun! 

8. I am reading… blogs and status updates. I have my beloved Kindle. Haven't read a book in quite some time though. Best get back to it before I forget how to read. 
9. I am concerned about…Cancer. I don't think about it every day but I do think about it. Gotta keep positive thoughts though. 
10. I am looking forward to…the weekend. Heading to a Christmas party - second one in as many weeks. Can't wait to have a little fun!  Then I can't wait til Christmas!  
Now it's your turn! 

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  1. I love Christmas decorations, but I'm too lazy to actually decorate! LOL