Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tiny Man Recovers

My tiny man is out of the OR and is awake. He's asking for lunch so that's a great sign. As long as his vitals remain OK (no reason to think otherwise), he'll be out of here in another two hours. He did really well through this whole process. When he got up this morning and tried to get to the fridge (my husband tied it closed) for his morning chocolate milk, he was a little irritated that he couldn't have anything. That's when we started explaining what was about to happen.

We started with "you have to go see Doctor so he can get the monkeys out of your ears". That about sent him over the edge but he came around pretty quickly.  He was fairly quiet on the ride over to the hospital and got even more quiet when we walked in. He refused to speak to any of the nurses and fought the tears a few times but he mainly kept a brave face.

Last time we were in (about 18 months ago), I explained that he was going to go into a room with Doctor and there would be a bunch of nurses and other doctors there to help. I told him that everyone would have cool masks and that he'd get his very own mask too. He handled it very well last time so I used the same tactic this go around. Again, he handled it like a trooper.

Before heading to the OR, he wasn't very talkative and kept giving everyone the stink-eye.  The anestesiologist changed that though!  When she told him he could have all the (chocolate) ice cream he wanted today, his mood did a complete and total one eighty!  The nurses were so happy to see him smile.

Daddy went in to the OR with him. He went to sleep without any issue and came through surgery fairly quickly. He took a little bit to cometo. The nurse said she finds that little boys like thier rest while the girls typically wake up rearing to go. It's taken him a few hours, but he's finally turning into his typical self. He's still not speaking to the nurses but he'll at least speak to us. He's asked for (tons of) food and is drinking like a fish. He's not in any pain and slowly buy surely I'm seeing that he's about ready to get going.

Thank you all for your well wishes!
We're just hoping that this solves his sinus and ear issues. I've heard so many parents say that it was the best thing they've done for their child, I hope that rings true in our case!


  1. I'm so happy everything went well!
    I just remember when my daughter went in they asked here whether she wanted a needle to go to sleep or a mask and she chose the needle! They she was the first to ask for that :)

    1. That is just too funny! Although, I think I'm right there with her, there is something scary about the mask...


  2. So happy it all went smoothly!! :)