Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Ugh. More snow!  Friday was a bust as far as getting anything outside of the house done. I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment followed by my gym time. Didn't make it to either of those. The driving what just awful. And for me to say that, you have to know it's bad!
I did manage to shovel a bit though. Just did the walkway and a path that needs to be done to mark out where our stone wall is (snow markers aren't enough because it's at all kinds of strage).

The bright side is that the snow is now MELTING!  YEAH! We got nearly two feet (again) on Friday and I'd have to say a good chunk of it is gone now. The weather is only supposed to get warmer this week and there isn't any snow in the extended forecast -miracle of miracles!

The Hubs and my eldest went on an overnight with the scouts last night.  They got to sleep on a carrier ship. I loved hearing what tales they had to tell but was so glad it was Hubs that went and not me. Our military needs to be thanked again and again!  Those quarters are tight (and stinky).   Anywho, the tiny man and I had a date-day. We went bowling with one of his little friends, then we popped over to Friendly's for a little ice cream.

Did you panic there when I said ice cream?  Guess what I had?  A diet Coke (shhhh...I know!) and I only had a lick of tiny man's ice cream from his sundae. That's it.  Huge victory right there!  Ice cream is a huge downfall for me. Honestly, it wasn't even painful to watch them eat it.  I knew if I had any I would have to spend three hours on the treadmill just to make up for a small portion of what I would have eaten - Yeah me!

The bad part though is that my eating in general has been less than stellar.  I've been within calories but the food choices are terrible. Gotta get my head all the back in the game....

...I have a dress to fit into! A dress? YIKES!  My son's First Communion is coming up in May. I should probably wear a dress for that. Haven't worn one in forever.  Even at my smallest, I didn't like the way dresses fit me.  I have good "birthing" hips as my husband so eloquently calls them. I've always felt like nothing in the dress or skirt category fit quite right.  I'm eager to give it a go though. I've been looking online for ideas and will hit the stores in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

Today was a fairly quiet day around the house. I did a bunch of housework this morning followed by some craft time. My boys are all wiped out so nothing more than hanging out was going to happen around here. I was able to get a workout in though which made me feel a million times better.

Bring on the week.


  1. Nice job going to an ice cream joint and having the strength to avoid ordering one.

  2. Ice cream is definitely a weakness of mine!
    Having a dress to fit into for such a special occasion is great motivation :)