Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 3, 59 to go

Today is weigh in day.  I was up about 5 pounds.  I'm not too surprised and am not beating myself up about it.  I haven't been going too far overboard but at the same time I haven't been on my game and I'm very dehydrated.  No big deal. It will come back off. No problem.

Moving on.  Yesterday's calories were right around the 1700 mark. Today is closer to 1800. I had a hard time keeping to my normal eating pattern today. This is my son's last week of preschool so I had a last hurrah breakfast with my girlfriends. I was well behaved and ordered a bowl of fresh fruit and some dry wheat toast.  Not a bad start for the day but because I ate later than I normally do, I found myself hungrier faster during the day today which lead me to "eat up" my calories a lot quicker than usual. A lesson learned.  I need to stick to eating at the same time in the morning so I'm not ravenous later.

Exercise for the day was a 1/2 hour of cardio on the treadmill walking at a 3.0, incline of 2.  I want to take it easy with the knee so didn't push it any more than that.

I'm a bit worried about my thyroid.  I was supposed to start thyroid meds back in December if my numbers hadn't leveled out. When I had a blood test in December, my levels were no longer going up and up but rather coming down - not only down but also within normal limits.  I was delighted.  Until now.  I'm noticing that my thyroid is a bit larger than it was (or hopefully my neck is thinner- ha!) and I'm experiencing symptoms of Hashimoto's. The worst symptom is bloating.  My stomach is distended (more than normal), I feel full all the time even when I'm hitting low-blood sugar and have the shakes because I'm so hungry.  I can only eat a little bit at a time because the fullness hurts so much.  I'm thinking it's time to call the doc to have some blood work done. Ugh.

Well, that's it for now.  See! Told ya!  My creative juices aren't flowing. Boring chatter. It helps me to keep inline, so I will keep on keeping on.



  1. Man that thyroid thing sounds like a real pain in the butt, I've often wondered if mine is really out of whack. I hear so much stuff about it causing problems with weight loss and such

  2. Definitely go for a check-up to see if there is an issue. The earlier you do it, the sooner you can set an effective plan of attack (whether there is or isn't a problem - hopefully there's nothing wrong!).

  3. Right, go for the check-up. In the meantime, remember that it is NOT going to help you to overeat due to stress of this matter. So keep within calorie limit you set for yourself.

    I've personally had my weight bounce up 4 pounds just due to excess sodium/period/a little excess carbs. If you've been counting your calories, you know if you've been eating the right amount or not. If you've been watching that, be reassured by calories numbers and know it's just a bobble that will come right back down. Mine do by the next weigh-in.

    :-) Marion