Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Week

Just got back from a short vacation with the hubs and kiddos. We still have a few day trips planned before hubs heads back to work though. All in all things have been going pretty well. I did bring lots of fruit with us on the trip and we did stop to shop for some sandwich stuff. That did help us save money and calories.

Tonight was track and field for my six year old. While he was partaking in the "field" part of his session, Rich and I hopped onto the track and walked two miles. YES! I said 2 miles! It felt great to get such a long walk in. I did have to come home and ice my foot but it was all worth it.

Speaking of my foot; it seems to be healing quite nicely. I was a little worried while walking around Sesame Place in water shoes all day. A little ice and some ibprofen did the trick- kept the pain at bay.

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