Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Game


Feeling more and more like myself everyday!

The Wellbutrin is kicking in. I may just be feeling the "alertness" effect, but it's all I needed to get me back.  And the timing couldn't be better. It's the "Big Game". You know, the Superbowl.  I'm whispering that because of all the NFL rules about not saying that word.

I'm a huge fan of the game. Particularly though, I am a Patriots fan. Born and raised in New England, with my father who converted my mother to be a fan. My father has been coaching Pop Warner football since my brother was a kid (so about 20 years of coaching). This was the first season he didn't coach but was itching to get out there. Anyway, he took me to my first game way back in 1986 (ticket prices were just $16 each - YIKES!); I've been hooked ever since.

So, I am very happy to be happy. I'm even happier that I am feeling better in time for the game. I was worried I was going to be a grouchy-grouch. Can't have that.

I've made two cakes for this weekend. The first one was for a work party for my mother.

This second one I just threw together this morning for our little party today. It's not my best work, but it will do. Getting the blue right is so difficult. This will have to do. I also noticed that my hand was very shaky. Not sure if it's from the meds or from making two cakes in such a short amount of time?

And guess what? I have two more to make. One for my son's Cub Scout's Blue & Gold Dinner and one for my father's birthday. Busy. And Caked-out.

As far as game-day celebrations go, we aren't having many people over. It will just be the six of us (my parents live in an in-law apartment on my house) and my girlfriend's family. And at 1/2 time my other friend and their family will be over to finish up the game at my house - they really want to see me in action. I am serious about my football.   Unfortunately, a number of our friend's will be at one house and then we'll be at ours. I am spoiled with my TV. We have a rather large screen and I don't like watching the game any other way. Besides, I like to yell and scream and wouldn't be able to do that at someone else's house. I would feel weird.

About the food.
No healthy stuff here today!
Hubs is making stromboli and calzone.
My friend is bringing chili.
I will be making two kinds of cheese dips.
And then we'll be ordering wings.

Wow. I am full just thinking of all that garbage we'll be eating tonight.

OK. I have to get to cleaning up this huge mess I made this morning making this cake. My kids have also destroyed the living room. A few days ago I would have broken down in tears just thinking about cleaning it all up. Not today though. I am feeling so much better!

Welcome back ME!

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