Friday, August 31, 2012

More trainer talk

Had a great workout today!

I love working with this trainer that I found.  This was my second (and probably final) workout with him.  The "gym" (I say it loosely because they aren't a full gym where you can go workout anytime; they only do personal training) had a special where you could buy two trial sessions for a low price.

Anyway, this guy is fantastic!  He really knows what he's doing. He really pushes me just outside my comfort zone but not so much that I want to give up.  He only has you do each exercise, rather than doing 3 sets of an exercise, you just do that exercise once and you are done. But don't go thinking that it's still easy. Oh no!  Even though you only do one set of squats, he still makes you work those quads in other ways!  My legs felt like jell-o and I swear my arms were going to fall off, but it was GREAT!

The sad part though is the cost. It's like paying another mortgage! I'm a stay-at-home-mom so there is very little wiggle room in the budget!  As it is we're probably going to have to give up our much-anticipated Disney trip at Thanksgiving because the budget just isn't going to allow for it. It's a real bummer because Hubs has four weeks of vacation during the year and he's yet to take any of it because work has been too stressful with a project deadline.  Things should start to settle down for him a bit though, which is great but now that he'll have the time to take, we probably won't have the funds.

D (the trainer) told me today that he would hate for me to leave the gym with my head down thinking that this is all well and great, but I can't afford it (which I can't). He said that they would try to work with me on a lower cost...they are more concerned about having a happy ending than the money.  We'll see about that!  I do have 2 more sessions scheduled for next week. I told him I would really go over the budget again with a fine-toothed comb and see what I can tweak (truth be told, I've already been doing that -hoping to surprise Hubs with the Disney trip - don't tell him. And Honey, forget you read that!).

Now, what about trainer #2 that I had waiting in the wings?  You know, the one that is having surgery?  Well, I haven't heard from him in the last day or so to make our appointment to meet. I'm hoping he'll write me in the next day or so so we can get something on the calendar.

No matter what happens though, I am committed!  I'm going to do this...I hate that I've gained back 1/2 of what I lost, but I'm letting it go and starting fresh. I'm not going to gain any more and I will get back into healthy eating and being more active!

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