Saturday, September 1, 2012

Activate the activity!

We're working on getting active over here in our house! 
The original plan for today was to go on a family hike but my older son was invited to go on an outing with a friend. Hubs and I opted to take the little one out for a bit of mini-golf and some last-minute back-to-school shopping. Yes! My kids aren't in yet!  Our schools start after Labor Day.  Normally I'm really happy with that so we don't have to worry about not going away near the three-day weekend but this year we weren't able to go anywhere due to Hubs being tied up at work. This year I was wishing they were in school early!  Oh well. 

Anyway, we didn't get to be quite as active as I hoped, but at least we didn't totally mope around the house.  While we were out, we popped into LLBean. My little guy spotted a bike and hopped on.  He so desperately wants to ride but with my weight and my older son not wanting to ride for fear of hurting himself, we've lagged in teaching the little one. Anyway, he asked if he could get the bike and we told him we'd talk about it.  Tonight, while he was laying in his bed trying to fall asleep, we hear "Mommy, Daddy. Talk about getting me my bike". How cute is that! 

So, now we are on this bike talk. Hubs and I both have bikes which are ten plus years old but are in good condition because we hardly ever rode them!  How sad is that?  (don't really answer that, I know it's pretty pathetic!) Hubs is going to dig our bikes out from the depths of our shed...our shed is pretty big and they are buried in there somewhere...he's going to take a look to see if we'll be able to ride them.  Now, I hear when you are of a certain weight (mine), you should have a stronger bike. What I'm hoping is is that we can get a few months of leisurely riding in before the winter and then in the spring I'll (hopefully) be a lot lighter and it will be a non-issue. 

The fun part in all of this will be convincing my older son to ride!  He's so afraid of getting hurt but at the same time I think if he sees the three of us riding, he may realize he's missing out on some serious fun. That's what we're hoping anyway. Wish us luck on all accounts!

The other active item we're talking about doing this weekend is hiking.  We have a number of small trails (surprisingly enough) here in town. We've done a few of them in the past while geocaching. We're thinking we should get back into that sort of activity going into the fall. We all love the outdoors and I really want to be a good example for the kids on living an active lifestyle. 

Our last weekend choice for entertainment is a trip to the beach.  That's not exactly active, but it's fun and we (sadly) haven't been at all this summer!  I went for a small food shop tonight to prepare for some beach time if that's what we decide to do. 

No matter what, something active is on our agenda! 


  1. Hi Jenn! What a great post! It all sounds so fun to get the entire family involved. I live in the city and haven't had a bike for so long now<<I'm a little jealous about you getting out bikes. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion!! It's a difficult process because my older boy just does not want to ride! :(