Monday, September 3, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go

Hope you are enjoying your labor day weekend!

Mine hasn't been quite what I planned, but that's OK. Sometimes you have to "expect the unexpected" and just roll with it.

We have yet to take out the bikes. I am really thinking Santa should bring my little guy his big boy bike. We have a good-enough one that he can learn on for now. As far as the bikes for Hubs and I, well, he needs to get them out of the shed. He would have worked on that today but we were off to a slow start- he slept in until nearly 11, he's been working his tail off for months so I let him sleep...he deserved it and clearly needed it! Anyway, we opted to go hiking instead of working on the bikes.

We headed out to a nice easy trail right here in town. We found two geocaches which the kids really enjoyed finding. We also found another little "friend". One that I wasn't too happy to see but knew they were there because I saw all the holes in the ground....

Thank goodness it was just a little guy, otherwise you all would have heard me screaming!  Ugh! I hate snakes!

Back to the trail....the sad part of the whole thing is that I've lived in this town for nearly 30 years and I had no idea this trail was there! Even sadder is that I passed by it a thousand times when I was a kid! How pathetic am I? (don't answer that- haha)

The hike, or nature walk as I was calling it, took us nearly ninety minutes to complete. We stopped for about a ten minute snack break and of course had some pauses in there while we were looking for the caches. I did work up a sweat (especially when we saw snakes) and will be sure to wear my heart rate monitor next time!

It was a great family day full of some fun memories!  Can't wait to go on another adventure but first, I will need to invest in some hiking shoes. Walking on unstable ground in my sneakers with my plantar faciitis just doesn't bode well for the feet. I did OK on this terrain but anything a little more difficult and I would be in a world of hurt for sure!

And I will leave you with that. What did you do for fun this weekend?

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