Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pain, Pain, Go Away

When it rains, it's pours.


I did something to my shoulder at the gym yesterday. I ended up heading over the the Doc's office because I couldn't move my head to look left. Made for terrible driving!  Thank goodness hubs could come home to help me out with getting the kiddos to their activities. I really wasn't feeling up to risking putting them in the car with my not having full range of motion.

So, what happened to my shoulder?  Well, apparently my muscle is very, very tense. I need to keep stretching and not lift heavy things for a few days to let it rest up.  She gave me some muscle relaxers to help me sleep (I didn't need 'em). I felt pretty good when I woke up this morning but am slowly losing the range of motion as the day progresses.

Despite my shoulder/neck being all uncomfortable, I was able to get some things done around the house this morning.  It's amazing what a clean(er) house can do for the spirits!  I've been in such a funk lately with my mood. Most of what's causing it is out of my control. Hubs told me again today that I need to put things into buckets and focus on what I can control and the rest will fall into place. He is 100% right (Shhhhh....don't tell him I said that!).

I applied for a parttime, seasonal position this morning. I'm a little nervous about the whole prospect of going back to work, even for the short term. I'm going to scour the help ads today to see if I can apply for a few more positions. Going back to work is really going to throw a wrench into the schedule, but we'll figure it out. It's what people do. My anxiety is more for my little guy but I can't worry about that until I find something.

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  1. Ugh shoulder pain! I know it well! It can be so frustrating! I hope the meds your dr gave help.
    Good luck with the job hunt & with focusing on the things that you can control.