Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Update

It's a pretty slow weekend.

The weather is lousy. I actually turned on a little heat last night. Not the whole house heat, but the little electric fireplace heater that we have. It was just enough to warm up the living room, get the chill out.

Hubs took our elder son to New York City for the weekend so it's just been myself and the "little" one. I would have loved to take him apple picking or something like that but with the cold and rain, it just wasn't in the cards. We ended up at the mall. He's a great date! We split a little personal pizza from Pizza Hut. Not the best of choices, but when you're only having half, it's not so bad. We also picked up some Halloween crafts to get ourselves into.

My bringing up the Pizza Hut pizza leads me into a thought I had last night. I was scouring the kitchen for something to eat. Not just anything...something not processed. Because It's just been the little one and myself for the last three days, I haven't really cooked anything. I am so tired of quick, processed foods!  My body is screaming for something good to eat. You know, a full, yummy meal. So I think I will get on that today...I'll need something home cooked and delicious for the football game this afternoon.  I just don't know what.

I realized late on Friday that I didn't weigh in.  I did, however, check on Thursday because I felt lighter.  As of last Thursday, I was within a pound and a half of what was gained the previous week. I will weigh in tomorrow morning so I can update my September total.  Just hoping to keep it the same.


  1. It's amazing how tastes change once you've stuck with clean eating for a while!

  2. So, what did you end up cooking for the game? I know the Pats cooked up a good butt kicking for the Bills.

    1. Sadly, I didn't end up cooking. I got busy and it just didn't work out. My mother ended up taking my son and I out for dinner. I had soup and salad. Come to think of it, my little guy had a salad too! I guess we were both needed something healthy!