Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Plan

Ugh! I had to reset my counter back to zero.

I know I'm dehydrated, but I also know I haven't been making the best of the best choices.
No excuses.
Back to the start I go.

As of tomorrow morning, the eating is going to be clean, and the workouts WILL happen, one way or another.

As of Wednesday (tomorrow), there will be 110 days left to Christmas.
My first big goal is to lose 40 pounds in that time frame. It's a big goal (especially for me) but if I keep the eating clean and honest and the workouts heavy, I'll get there.

How am I going to do that?
First is my eating. I will be logging everything that goes in.
I'm eating off of Bob Harper's, The Skinny Rules diet plan. It's the first diet menu that I've ever seen in which I would eat (just about) everything on the list. So, I have my meals planned out for week one and am ready to go. I'll be having the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday over the next week. My dinners will vary a bit from what he has listed but that's mainly because he offers a lot of fish which I either don't eat (used to love it but after my last pregnancy, I can't even smell the stuff!) or I'm allergic to it.  So, I will stick to lean cuts of beef (once a week), a vegetarian meal (at least once a week) and of course chicken.

Now, I have a little "coffee club" that I meet up with once a week during the school year. That day will be my "cheat" day. I will only "cheat" as far as adding a flavored coffee to my meal. I am still working on saving money so I will stick to just one coffee and will bring some breakfast along with me for the ride.

I will allow myself one other "cheat day". That will be the day we go to the fair.  It's a yearly tradition and we could sit here all day and talk about how it should be about the experience and not the food. We all know that isn't true. Part of the experience IS the food. We've gotten smart over the last few years though. I tend to pack some healthier snacks to go along with the junk we do consume at the fair. And we all split whatever it is we get - even if it is the best-thing-ever and we want more! We only have one and split it four to six ways (depending on who is with us).

The next hurdle will be my wedding anniversary. Hubs and I can work something out for that, I'm sure. He's really good about being supportive that way (plus he should be joining me on this eating plan). And with most restaurants offering up their nutritional information, all should be good.

What about Halloween?  Eeeeek!  That's a tough one for me!  I'm a chocoholic. There. I said it.  I'll say it again; Hello. My name is Jenn and I a ma chocoholic. Well, if I deny myself chocolate all together, I will end up binging on it one way or another. I will have to plan this very carefully and will talk about that as we get closer.

Then there is Thanksgiving. But guess what? It's not my favorite holiday.  In fact, I really hate it. I hate all the prep. I hate turkey (yes, I'm serious!) and I hate the clean up afterwards. I am not a Thanksgiving lover. Yes, I love my Pumpkin Pie, but the rest you can have!  Thanksgiving is another one that we'll talk about as we get closer. I'm not sure what are plans are for it just yet. Will we be traveling to Disney (wishful thinking) or will we be home?  Who knows at this point. I'll figure that out as the time approaches.

For right now though, I am going to worry about this moment, tomorrow, the next day and the week ahead. That's about all the planning and handling I can handle at once.

So, for tomorrow:

Breakfast: oatmeal
                  Greek yogurt with fruit

Snack: Apple with PB or 1 oz cheese

Lunch: Bob's Cobb (can't wait! I love a good salad)

Snack: Cukes

Dinner: taco salad

workout: 20-30 mins on the treadmill - depending on what my feet will allow and/or a Bob Harper video.


  1. I forgot about all those holidays coming up, I am not looking forward to dealing with those things at all!

    1. You and me both! Especially since I'm a confessed chocoholic! ;-) We'll take it one day at a time!