Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Putting on the gloves

So, I haven't really updated my training situation. I had said that I received a good deal on the training sessions and I'll be training three days a week. It's going pretty well. Today was my third session. The routine will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday while my little guy is at school. Anyway, today's work out was rough no, brutal!  I don't think I've ever sweat so much and I'm pretty sure I found my abdominal muscles today...(you know when you laugh so hard, I mean really, really hard and your stomach hurts? - yeah, those muscles). Today's 30 minute workout felt more like a 60 minute workout! I wish I had my heart monitor on today!!  
(Note to self: wear my monitor!). 

So anyway, one of the things we did was a little boxing. Man is that fun!  And boy is it a workout!  He said that most of his clients (especially the females) really like it and ask to box all the time. I can see why. What a workout! Can't wait to put the gloves back on. 


  1. Oh man, good luck with those ab muscles in the morning! Those things can hurt for a couple days after good strain gets put on them.

  2. I thought for sure it would have been my abs that were going to hurt - nope, my hamstrings and gluteus maximus. ;-)

  3. I absolutely love boxing! It is such a great cardio workout and wonderful stress reliever :)