Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeling the blahs

I've logged on a hundred times today trying to think of something to talk about. Sure, I have a million and one things on my mind - not one of them has a thing to do with weight loss, eating right (or not right), exercise, bettering myself, etc., etc.

I was just feeling blah today.
It's tough being a woman. We have all these hormones to deal with on a monthly basis then you throw in pre-menopause and/or in my case PMDD (untreated at that), it makes for all sorts of fun. So yeah, today was a blah day. I'm hoping to be coming out of it soon...it usually lasts about a week or so and we're approaching the week now.

So there I was sitting in my living room staring at my treadmill. It laughs at me. It taunts me. It knows I should be on it, abusing it, but my feet just won't let me. Well, I was sitting there doing nothing. Feeling all blah. Wanting to hide under a rock (I almost said die, but that's not quite what I mean but I can't really explain how I feel when I get like this and I really don't want the suicide police coming to my door- it's not like that - but almost. Ugh. I wish I could put it into words). When I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for a walk. On the treadmill. Yup. My feet are going to yell at me soon but the rest of me is thanking me!

It is so amazing how a little exercise can change your mood instantly. There I was feeling all "death like" (again, using very loosely) and now I feel like I'm on top of the world. I'm proud of myself for shoving the moody blues aside. I'm even prouder for not turning to food to help me feel "better".

Now it's time to ice my feet and settle into something fun for the night.

Tomorrow morning is a gym day. If my foot is OK in the morning, I will hop on the treadmill before hitting the gym. Might be a bit ambitious but we'll see. Again, it will all depend on my feet. I know I can tell my moody blues to shove off.

eta: as of 10:30 PM, so nearly 3 hours after the treadmill, my feet are crying. Will ice again and see what the morning brings. 


  1. I, too, have shared those glaring looks with exercise machines and equipment - sometimes on 'blah' days I've made it to the gym but still feel reluctant to actually exercise - that always seems strange to me ... but as you said, once you start & finally finish, you feel great.

    Well done for turning to exercise to help you get through your blah-ness. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. It's so funny how we drag our feet and drag our feet...if we just shut up and do it we'd feel better already!!! It's like I always tell the kids...if you just did your chores without complaining, they would get done faster! Wish I could live by my own words. :D

  2. You show that treadmill who's boss! About six or seven years ago we bought one of those $2,000 Schwinn treadmills that was rated up to 1000 pounds. I was determined that either it was gonna break me or I was gonna break it. Unfortunately I won that battle, within a month the thing never worked the same again. We had the company come out to fix it a couple times even, but it just couldn't handle me I guess. Every time I stepped on the walking belt it just stopped. But I look forward to beating the crap out of another treadmill real soon!

    1. I hope they gave you your money back!
      My treadmill is a heavy duty one too! It had to handle a lot of weight too - 350+ I just hate that it sits in the corner collecting dust because I have bad feet. My husband used to use it too but he just doesn't have the time these days...hopefully soon.

      And you'll get to beat the crap out of your own treadmill sooner than you think! You are well on your way!

  3. Hi Jenn! I started reading the post and thought, "I wish she'd just cut through these thoughts and go exercise," and then you reported that you did exactly that. Yay you! Emotions are often just stupid obstacles that we have to ignore. I personally believe that most of the negative emotions we feel do not serve any good purpose. Like you did, I interrupt them as fast as I can because life is best at its happiest level.

    :-) Marion