Monday, October 1, 2012

Robbed and FMM

It's Monday!  As if you needed reminding. Monday's are always busy around here (I'm sure they are for you too).  Today is no different but had a little added spice to make it that much "better".
I received a phone call at 8 this morning from my father. (Odd that he'd be parents live here too, we have an in-law apartment on our house). Anyway, he asked me if Hub's car started. I said I didn't know, he was out there at that moment moving the car seat back into my van. Dad went on to say that Hub's car lights were on when he went out to work this morning (somewhere around 4AM). He then asked me if his cell phone was on his counter. I checked, it wasn't. He said, "well, call your mother and tell her to cancel the phone. It was stolen. What some idiot wants with my pink (yes, I said pink) cell phone is beyond me!"   He went on to tell me that his dash compartment was taken apart...stuff all over his seat.

Hubs checked his car out. Nothing stolen, although the "idiots" left a flashlight and tried unscrewing his REMOVABLE (as in pick it up off the cradle) XM radio. Nothing in my car was touched...we think my father may have scared them off because Hub's car door was open and they clearly forgot something (flashlight). When I called the police they said "Oh, there's an officer down on XX Street for the same thing"  Great.

It seems to me it's some stupid kids out for a gag. A friend of mine who's husband is a town police officer said that there have been a lot of car break ins in this neighborhood. Great. My family has lived here for 30+ years. We've never had the house or our cars broken into. The worst that has ever happened was someone stole my brother's bike (he left it in the front yard) when we were kids and at Halloween our pumpkins would be smashed (everyone's were). Side note about the pumpkins: When I was a kid, my grandmother (who lived in the in-law apartment) had had it with the hooligans who were smashing pumpkins so she thought she's "fix their wagon" - her words - and covered all the pumpkins and gourds with cod liver oil.  She always had a trick up her sleeve.

The other thing that happened when I was a kid was there was a group of "lunch bandits" going around in the summertime. Yup, they were a group of teenagers who would go into people's houses, make themselves some lunch and watch the tube. Nothing was ever taken (other than some grub). Again, silly kid stuff.

Alrighty, enough of that. Onto FMM: 

 Uniquely You

1) Do you prefer to talk or text? Neither, I'm an email kind of girl. Although, I would prefer (most of the time) face-to-face interaction
2) How often do you make your bed?  if it gets made once a week, I'm happy. I hate making the bed! 
3) What sounds do you hear right now? The ringing in my ears. My fingers tapping on the keyboard and my little guy singing "twinkle twinkle little star" and every made up variation he can think of.
4) List three things that you always carry with you.  Phone (hubs would beg to differ but now that I have an iphone, it's with me more than it's not), my charming personality - ha!, and my purse. 
5) What are your favorite TV shows?   Grey's, Private Practice  Mike & Molly, CSI, Criminal Minds - we are also getting into Revolution and Go On
6) Is there a hobby that you’d like to devote more time to? If so, what is it? Scrapbooking
7) What is your favorite drink? Diet coke and iced coffee
8) Share a couple of cool facts about your family. Not sure about this one. I feel like we are so boring.  My late grandfather was a WWII hero during D-Day.  I've written about him before here
9) List one thing that you will do for yourself today. I am about to head out to the gym for my beating. Can't wait as I am feeling better. (physically anyway). 
10) Share something that you’re thankful for today. My family. 


  1. I love little ones singing twinkle in every possible way, so cute. My 2 use to do that too

    1. There is nothing quite like hearing little voices making up tunes! Too cute.

  2. "Fix their wagons", I love that! Sound's like an episode of World's Dumbest Criminals. They tried to unscrew the XM, how dumb can you be? you know it's bad when our nations hooligans can't even figure out simple technology!

    1. It is a sad, sad world we are living in! The intelligence level is going through the ground. :( But yea, "fix their wagons" was one of my favorite expressions by my Gram. She had a lot of cute sayings.