Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keeping it together

Today is going to be a rough one.

Poor planning on my part. No one to blame but me. Going to make the best of it though.

I was exhausted yesterday. Hubs stayed home so we could do family stuff (kids were out of school with Columbus Day). I decided I would have liked to use half of yesterday as a break. Goodness knows I need one. Sad thing though was that I was too tired to do the thing I've been looking forward to - scrapbooking. I went into my room and tried to start a project. My eyes just wouldn't let me. So I just gathered some stuff to add to our yard sale pile and called it a day.

All wasn't completly lost though. Hubs and the kids went out for ice cream with my parents. Ice Cream is rough for me, it was amazing that I only had a taste when we went to Ben & Jerry's over the weekend!  I stayed home and caught up on Grey's and Private Practice (MAN! I love those shows!). That was the extent of my down time. I was happy to have some but would have loved to be able to craft.

The one thing we should have done yesterday was food shop. We are out of just about everything. Seriously. I had no oatmeal, yogurt or cereal left for breakfast this morning. I'm not sure what I have in there for lunch - possibly a piece of lettuce and some ham. My point though is that the cupboards are bare and I have no car today. I thought about that fact too late last night to really do anything about it. Should have gone food shopping this weekend while hubs was home. It's going to make eating right very difficult but I promise to do my best!

My plan for today is to go through the cupboards to figure out what I can make for the rest of the day. I also plan on being a little under my calories as I can't get on the treadmill this week: it's blocked with piles of yardsale/Craigslist stuff.

Once the kitchen stuff is straightened out, I need to get started on my son's Halloween Costume. He wants to be Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The costume is sold out everywhere and the few times I have found it, it's been too small for him! He's been so upset so I told him I would make him one. I found a good tutorial here.  I'm not going to make the T-shirt though. Thought I would just buy a cheap-o white shirt and alter it. I'll post pics once it's done.
I'd also like to get to making the homemade dish detergent that I mentioned yesterday. If I get to that, I will post the recipe I used as well as the one for the laundry detergent. They are both super easy and the best part is that they are non-toxic!

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  1. I came home to an empty fridge yesterday and it was such a struggle to figure out what to make for dinner. Hope you manage to stock up on groceries soon :)