Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap up and FMM

The weather was so unstable this weekend. I wish (for once) the weather guys would get it right!  We ended up going leaf peeping on Saturday because the weather reports had Saturday being the better day of the weekend. It was cloudy and rained in Vermont. The leaf peeping was still beautiful. 

We ended up stopping at Ben & Jerry's Factory. That was fun, but crazy busy!  We didn't do the tour because the wait was just too long for our little men (and for us). The kids and hubs had some ice cream (I had a bite, yes, JUST a bite!). We were able to wander around the property some as the rain ended up stopping just in time for us to be outside. 

Yesterday we spent the day cleaning out our basement. Too many toys and other junk all over the place. I started placing some of our stuff up on Craigslist and will be having a yard sale on Saturday. My living room looks like a disaster area with all the crap (I mean nice stuff) we need to unload. The funny part of the cleaning yesterday was that hubs commented to me how sore he was last night (Sure, he did lift big furniture); I wasn't sore at all. Must be the gym paying off a bit. 

And now for some fun with FMM:

Inside Your Home

1. Do you live in an apartment/condo, townhouse or house?  House

2. What is your home’s coolest feature? It's the house I grew up in. I love our yard! 

3.  Do you enjoy DIY projects?  If so, what are you working on now?  I loathe DIY projects. I'm a perfectionist so I see all the imperfections. Wish we could pay people to do all our projects. 

4. When using the dishwasher do you use powder detergent or liquid?  I've been using the packets. I'd like to give homemade detergent a try...I already make my own laundry detergent. 

5. Do you have a TV in your bedroom?  No way. It's bad enough we have the iphones and ipad. 

6.  Is your range gas or electric?  Gas. 

7.  How often do you sweep/mop/vacuum?  As needed.

8.  What is your favorite place to shop for home furniture and accents? First would be Target. Also have to give some love to IKEA. 

9.  Do you decorate for holidays?  Yes!!! I love holidays! 

10.  If you could have HGTV come in and redo one room in your home which room would you choose?  That's easy - the KITCHEN!  OMG!  Our kitchen is in near dire (and I only say "near" because I have (sadly) seen worse) need for a remodel! 

Now it's your turn! 


  1. Wow! You Make your own laundry detergent? I'm impressed. Target is my place of choice for home stuff too (and just about everything else). Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. I want to know how to make my own detergent, and live in Vermont! Two unrelated topics, but that's ok.

    I want a new kitchen too.

  3. I love leaf peeping - the colors now are spectualar!

    I wonder if homemade dish detergent would get the filmy crap off my glasses? I haven't found a store bought kind that works!

  4. I love it when I realize my workouts at the gym have suddenly made other 'life' tasks easier! Keep up the good work :)