Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I'm feeling it! Finally! Yesterday I put on a top that usually just fits. It's not so uncomfortable that I only focus on how the shirt makes me feel. You know what I mean right? When you have a shirt (or pants) that you're itching to get out of because the arms aren't quite right, or it sticks to you in all the wrong places, or rides up to show off your belly or butt...well, I put that shirt on yesterday and the arms weren't so bad and it felt a little loose in the midsection.  The waist was still the same but I was pleasantly surprised with how well it was fitting. But then I thought it was just in my head. I'm happy to report it wasn't!  I have on another top today that is loose!!!  It's a top that I've never been uncomfortable in but can see and feel how loose it is in the middle. YEAH!!!! A Non-scale victory for me.

Another finally to report: I have skin issues...not to bore you with all the details and to make a long story short, I was told it looks like psoriasis by one doctor, then another said "no, more like eczema  then I saw another doctor who said it was probably psoriasis but she wanted to look at it again in the fall (that was in the spring). Anyway, I saw her yesterday and she confirmed that I most certainly have psoriasis. Yeah me!  She also told me to go back to the rheumetologist because I have (some) joint pain that was unexplained before and now we're thinking maybe psoriatic arthritis. I'm happy that I finally have a definitive answer as to what's going on, I just hate that there is little I can do about it other than steroid creams. It could be worse.

My thought of the day is: persistance pays off. I didn't give up with the gym when the scale went in the wrong direction...I'm seeing the payoff. And I didn't give up with the doctors. I had to go through a number of them before finding out what's what, but I finally got an answer. Sounds familiar with my MGUS stories.

Never give up!

ETA:  I have a job interview tomorrow!  It's for a "little" part time job. Two days a week. Will be enough (maybe) to cover Hub's gas to get him to work for the week.

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