Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lookin' Up

We have walls!  Honest to goodness walls. The space is starting to feel like a room again!  Yeah!

We have to wait til it's good and dry before we can paint. That will take about a week or so.  No worries, we can start tiling or more prepping for the tiling. The down side though is that this is a very busy week for hubs.  He won't be home on time let alone early to do much work this week.  Some of the stuff I can do but tomorrow is out because I have a full day ahead of me.  Hopefully though, I can get something done to help out on Wednesday.   If enough of the prep work gets done over the next few days, we'll be able to start tiling by the weekend. Finally!!!

Enough about that.

I was looking through photos last night. I found a picture of me that was taken about 2 years at Disney.  Although I was happy to be there, there was still a miserable sense in my eye.  It really made me cry for her. Which may sound strange seeing as I am no where near a healthy weight.  Seeing that photo made me really realize that I  have come a long way and that girl is not who I am anymore.

There are so many more things that I couldn't do or even wouldn't do back then that I can and will do now.  Just a small example of a thought I had on the subject just last week:  My girl friend and I took the kids to play mini golf. I haven't seen this friend since maybe February.  She noticed right away that I had lost more weight and commented on how good I looked.  While we were playing golf, I started to chuckle out loud and pointed out to her that 60 pounds ago I had to have one of the kids get the ball out of the hole for me because I couldn't bend to reach down into it without fear of collapsing.  Now? No problem. Sure, it's something small but it was just a reminder that there were plenty of things that I struggled with then that I don't even think twice about now.

All of this reflecting has also reminded me though that I've been stuck at this same weight for much too long.  A few weeks ago I was chanting that I was focused...and that still is the truth.  I've been journaling and staying within my calorie boundaries.  The piece of the puzzle that is missing for me right now is the gym.  Now, there are a ton of people who preach that it's all about what goes in and less about what goes out.  That just isn't so for me.  The plays an integral part of my weight loss. And by "gym", I mean exercise but mostly strength training.

I was just speaking with my "paid friend" about this very topic.  Her suggestion is to set the goal of continued maintenance for the rest of the summer. Part of me thinks that is a little dangerous but part of me also realizes that it's more of a realistic goal at this point.  You all know that I just don't do well in the heat so the chances of me working out on my own are slim.  That all being said, I'm thinking a better goal would be to continue to food journal, bring my calories down a bit to help cover some of the calories I'm not burning at the gym along with some other little things I would like to change...now, it's time to put some more thought into this idea and see where it leads me.


  1. If I liked to sing hymns (too many from my childhood made me dislike them as an adult), I'd be singing "Glory Hallelujah" on you getting your bathroom walls in but I will just say "hooray!" LOL

    On your very well thought out process on the gym and weight loss/maintenance, I get it totally and I agree with you. I am one of those that sees better results when I go to the gym as well. Right now, I have had to take a breather as well at least for this week due to my health stuff. It is what it is, right? Your attitude is great! I also can't stand the heat as you know so yes, that is partly the reason as well. I am like you and kind of just thinking about it "for now" but really prefer to get some sort of fitness in - more for back pain management (I get that too) and over all feeling good. The thinking anything is better than nothing, but like you still toying with the whole thing.

    That said, you are doing great Jenn and while I know it is bittersweet to look at a previous pic of ourselves, it is pretty awesome to see how far you've traveled too! Great for you! :)

    1. Sorry, I also had to add that I also understand with you about being concerned about continuing "maintenance" for the Summer too. Geez, sorry for hogging your comments tonight! I say this because I went into supposed "maintenance mode" once and didn't get out. It is something that has to be thought out as you say. I know you will make the right call for you! :)

  2. Hi Jenn! I remember an old photo of you from long ago on this blog. You used to look so much older, like 15 years older than you do now. (I did too at my worst weight.) And you used to be so sore, and usually blogged about your different ailments. So--boy have you changed!!! I remember when I first saw the change taking place. The attitude changed, and you just started being this go-getter. I'm sure I mentioned it on my blog as soon as I saw it, if you wonder when that happened because it was monumental! So yes, I felt a bit sorry for the Jenn of Ago, but I'm truly excited for the Jenn of Now. :D

    :-) Marion

  3. Oh, that mini golf reminder was great. I would always make sure there was a little kid in my group so they could grab the ball out of the cup too. Something so minor can be so embarrassing sometimes. I certainly have my nightmares from it, but I am looking forward to being able to do that again someday. Disney was a disaster for me, for the most part, but that's another one on my to do list eventually.

    Glad the renovation is coming along. Your personal renovation is coming along too! 60 pounds is awesome!