Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Ack!  The plaster guy was supposed to be here today putting the drywall up so we can put this bath back together.  He didn't show up. Again.  I swear, I am done with contractors and subcontractors and everyone altogether.  This project is now running over six weeks and counting!  I wouldn't mind so much if it was because we were working so slowly. It's not us!  It's waiting on others. Talk about annoying.  

My girlfriend is in the same boat.  She started her bath a few weeks before we did and hers isn't complete yet either.  I touched base with her today and she said they still don't have a sink and a lot of the smaller touches (knobs and pulls) aren't done.  She is lucky in that they have a functioning toilet and shower. Can't wait til we have either one of those.  A girl can dream.

I really felt bad for the kids today though. We weren't able to do much where I was waiting around for the guys to show.  Luckily, my father took them swimming this afternoon while I went in to work.

That was a bit strange. Working. Again. My boss called last week to see if I could cover today.  She doesn't typically need the help in the summer but needed someone for just today so I went in. It was a welcomed distraction from the depressing/frustrating thing that is my bath.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like all I do is complain.  That certainly isn't the case. I'm just frustrated. Not to worry though, the happy me is in here. I'm really happy that the heat broke!  That 95+ degree weather was going to be the death of me. It was in the 70's today. Supposed to be in the low 80's tomorrow.  It also comes along with rain, but that's OK.  We'll find something to do to amuse ourselves.

I haven't been good about drowning myself with water. My hands are still very swollen.

I am food journaling though, that's another good thing.

My back is also feeling a lot better.  I now know it was the shoes. I wore flip flops the other day and regretted it.  No more flip flops for me (that makes me sad). BUT, I am happy that my back is better!  

I'm also happy that my kids have been getting along fairly well.  The first day of my son's summer vacation, I really thought we weren't going to make it. They have been really well behaved since then though.

See? I'm not ALL complaints.  ;-)


  1. Well I don't handle waiting for contractors or such and if they don't show up I get really ticked off too. It is like a whole waste of a day!!

    I'm glad that your back is feeling better though. I can't wear flip-flops either for the same reason.

  2. I have had nothing but bad luck with contractors either. We tried to flip a house a few years back and that contractor lied his face off to us. We made the mistake of going with the guy who gave us the best price. By the time it was over we ended up paying him triple what he said it would cost and he took twice as long to finish the job then he said it would. Once he had us locked in our hands were tied, I learned a valuable lesson through that. Make him sign a contract before hand, and every day he goes past his done by date he starts paying you. They get real motivated that way.

    1. The plumber we are using is someone we have a rapport with. He's getting a little lax with the communication and with the showing up thing but he does a great job for a great price. We had another plumber price a job we wanted done last year...that guy was going to charge us double what our normal guy does for less work. So for him, I grin and bear it.
      This plaster guy? Not so much. I'm making phone calls today.

  3. Hi Jenn! We had some real delays with contractors during our house rehab. It was super annoying.

    Glad you are food journaling and figuring out how to make your back feel better. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. I'm afraid of what it's going to be like when we do our kitchen. This bath project just delayed our very outdated kitchen project by another 30 years! HA!