Friday, January 10, 2014

14 in 2014

Happy Friday!

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions.  I feel like it's just a set-up for failure.  Everyone likes to start off with a clean slate, but why can't we just do that on a daily basis (or Monday- haha).   I have decided though that there are a few things that I would like to work on or accomplish in the coming year. My list was getting longer and longer so I decided I would shoot for 14 things I would like to accomplish or do this year.

1. Go on vacation.  Or at least book a serious vacation for 2015.  We have had to cancel 2 Disney trips in the last 2 years due to outstanding circumstances.  We've taken day-trips here and there so it's time for an actual good old-fashioned family vacation.

          1a.  One of my girlfriends and I turn 40 (a long, long, long time from now), at the same time. We thought we should plan a big trip. We're talking someplace warm with beaches and no kids.  Right now the thought is the Dominican Republic.  We'll see.  No matter, it's getting booked this year for that date which is a long, long. long time from now. ;-)

2. By the end of the year I would like to see myself in a size 20. 18 would be better but I won't stress myself out about getting there. If it happens, it happens.

3. Go gluten free (again).  I felt so much better way back when I was gluten free. I have an auto-immune disease (a few of them, really) so I really should be gluten free to help with those symptoms. Starting Monday ;-).

4. Let go of things that have happened in the past.  I always say that I don't hold grudges and I think to some degree that is true.  I do, however, find myself bringing stuff up that happened eons ago.  I need to let it all go and live for today.

5. Scrapbook more.  Seriously, I probably completed a dozen layouts last year.  I need to get back into the swing of things and start posting my scrapbook pages on the weekends like I did way-back-when.

6. Learn Photoshop.  I've been working on this one already.  It's been a long-time wish of mine and now I am going to make it happen.

7. Go to the beach this summer.  It's been too long since the last time we've been to the beach. I would like to go at least once this year even if it's just to walk around and play in the sand.

8. Have a girls weekend.

OK, now it's getting difficult to think of something...  I thought I could do it. Maybe I just need more time to think about it. For now though, I think I have a decent start.

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