Monday, January 20, 2014

Season Ended

Things are still spotty as far as posting goes. 
I have a lot on my plate right now.  
It's nothing big, just a lot of little things which add up quickly to "a lot on my plate".  

I'm still here though and I haven't given up. 

The scale is still the same.  I haven't been at the gym because there was a miscommunication between my trainer and I about when I needed to pay for my sessions. Long story short, my gym budget is gone, temporarily. I'm scheduled to go back next week but honestly, I don't think that is even going to work. 

I've been trying to find alternatives to going to the gym.  I gave the Xbox ONE a try.  Yeah, the fitness channel on there isn't made for people of size.  Now, I can do a lot and I have a lot of stamina, it's just....well, jumping around isn't something I can do.  My feet, for starters, would be back to plantar faciitis hell before I even took my first jump.  I've taken to Pinterest to find workouts and have found a few that are very similar to that of what I do in the gym. Starting tomorrow morning, I plan on giving that a go. 

My eating has been pretty good.  Well, with the exception of yesterday when I hosted a play-off party. My NE Patriots lost (to be truthful, it was amazing they even made it the the playoffs in the first place with all their injuries) which bummed me out but it's all OK.  Anyway, there has been a lot of football food around my house over the last few weekends.  I've hosted a few parties and now we are partied out and are ready to get on with it. 

I'm not feeling good about myself right now.  I am feeling that "woe is me" sort of feeling you get when you pack on pounds. My pants are still a little tight and I feel horrible.  I am trying to pull myself out and remind myself that I haven't gained it ALL back (although, it feels that way), it won't take that long to get back to where I was.  If I just focus now, I could fit better in these jeans by the end of the month and then be down another pants size by my birthday (April).  

The good news is that I have seemed to pull my head out from where ever it was today.  I made better choices and I even stopped myself from making a sandwich when I got home from work (7:30PM).  I thought I was hungry but realized that I'm probably just thirsty.   These are the moments that add up to a big moment of waking up to better fitting jeans. 

Today's calories: 1600 (there about: my lunch is estimated on the high end and I'm feeling like I'm forgetting something)


  1. Hi Jenn, With you, as with most people, it's mostly attitude that makes or breaks you. Keep good attitude. Refuse to be a victim. Force yourself to be grateful for good things many times per day. All of this will help you go in the right direction with your health. You've done well before. Coach yourself. :D

    1. Attitude adjustment is happening as we speak. A lot of self-talk needs to happen in order to get it done. We'll get there.