Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 26 Weigh In

Down 4.1 pounds this week!!  Total = 44!

I've been pinching myself all morning!

I have to keep this short. Getting the eldest on the bus soon, then off to PT for my feet.

Next week my eldest has his appointment with the neurologist about that migraine and the continuing headaches he's been having. And my little guy is having surgery for his second set of ear tubes. So, please pardon my sporadic posting. Things should quiet down around here soon. (They best, anyway!)


  1. Well done!! Keep up the good work!
    Hope everything works out smoothly for your children.

  2. That is SUPER--in all caps!!! I've never lost 4 pounds in a week in my entire life. That is wonderful, and it will keep you emotionally pumped for another great week.

    :-) Marion