Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Summer is just about to begin around here.
I know most schools have already let out but we are still in. Thursday is the last day.
I'm in the midst of making a summer bucket list with the kids and thought I should make one for myself (which does include some of the items on "their" list because it's things I also want to do). Some of the items are things I'm working on already - lifestyle kind of items, while the rest are really just about what I want to do in the summer.

My 2012 Summer Bucket List

  • Get back into the gym or at least exercising - This is a HUGE priority! 
  • Meal plan; more importantly to meal plan while we're out doing fun stuff...pack snacks and lunches! 
  • Lose 20 pounds - that may be a stretch for me because I lose so slowly, but I'm giving it a go just the same. 
  • Go to BBQ's - my neighbors host a lot of BBQ's during the summer. I sometimes go, this year I plan on making it more of a habit to go an be apart of the social goings and not so much for the food. 
  • Have a pig roast (OK, this is more for my husband - he really wants to have one, I would like to make it happen for him...I won't eat the pig though, not my idea of yumm)
  • Spend some time in NH at the lake
  • Spend some time in ME - go to the zoo and the beaches. 
  • Go to the beach
  • Bring the kids to the sprinkler park 
  • do a load of laundry a day
  • vacuum daily 
  • make a chore chart for both boys. 
  • make 3 things from Pinterest
  • Finish my little guy's baby album
  • try a new veggie once a week (have I ever mentioned I hate most veggies?)
  • Go geocaching
  • Go for a hike
  • Go for a bike ride on the bike trail (this is more contingent on my eldest learning to ride - he's really afraid of riding)
  • Hit the new outlet shops

Bring on the summah-time!

And I will add to this list as I think more about it. 

What are you up to this summer?


  1. Hi Jenn! Love the enthusiasm in this post. And veggies, if you learn how to make them with different recipes, you'll like them more. I currently use a lot of curry in my cooking.

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion! The sun is really helping my mood! :D
      And I'll let you know about the veggie thing. I've learned to love green beans (turns out my parents over cooked them and that's why I hated them all these years - haha!_