Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to the routine

We're settling back into a routine over here in New England. My nine year old started back to school last Wednesday and my little guy started his last year of preschool today.  It's nice to have them both back at school. There is less fighting, less yelling (that will be short lived, I'm sure), and we are all settling nicely into a routine.

I also go back to work today.  I'm looking forward to my two nights away at work.  It really does the Mama good when she has time away from the house. I'm supposedly starting work for my brother today too. He was supposed to call me over the weekend to get things set up. I'm still waiting. Honestly, it's fine with me if we don't start today. I want to enjoy 3 hours to myself!

I usually have my gym time scheduled for now. I purposefully didn't schedule anything this week so I could enjoy some much-needed quiet time. As it turns out though, I won't be able to start next week either because my son is having surgery (nothing serious) on Thursday and will be out of school all next week.  It's all good though. Mama really needs some quiet alone time.

Little man and I have started an afternoon bike ride (well, I walk). He and I have had some fun taking our afternoon walk/ride around the neighborhood.  The only trouble is that I've been breaking out in hives from the sun.  It's been quite annoying and is getting worse.  I'm at my wits end about it. I feel like a lot of the fun has been sucked out of my life because of allergies of one kind or another. If you're a kid with allergies, you don't know what you're missing. As an adult with adult-onset allergies, you really tend to get ticked off. Trust me.

All this food allergy stuff makes me think long and hard about really giving juicing a try.  Trouble is though that every time I juice anything, my gag reflex kicks in. Even with things I like -(apples and carrots). I'm also seriously considering the Whole 30 program.  That would also be a rough one for me, I'm not a fan of many veggies.  Either way, I have to do something.  I can't keep getting hives all the time.

With all this routine talk, I'm adding this blogging business back to my stack of to-dos. It really helps to keep me on track.  So, back to the routine it is. Back tomorrow.

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