Thursday, September 19, 2013

A new day

Thank you for the well-wishes for hubs.
He's doing better today. The swelling has come down and there is less redness. The doctor says the antibiotics must be helping but still doesn't know what it is.   The thing that is concerning me right now is that he's had a headache all day.  He's had headaches before so it shouldn't be a problem, I just worry because of this odd thing that is happening in his legs.

I'm still in a sour mood. Probably worse than I have been in a while.  My mother just asked me about the bathroom status and I nearly jumped off the deep end. She was taken aback by my reaction and really couldn't imagine why I am feeling the way that I am.

My mood is so sour that I took an email the wrong way today. I had the smarts to not respond to it but it still didn't sit with me very well.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Count to ten.
It's not that bad.

Tomorrow is a new day. 


  1. I am so glad that hubby is feeling better, even with the headache. I have headaches when taking meds sometimes so wonder if the antibiotic can be causing that.

    I understand on feeling snappy as I have been like that too lately (mainly caused by a relationship with a family member driving me nuts - lol). As much as I know you will feel bad in a way for snapping, sometimes it feels good too - or at least it does with me. In other words, don't beat yourself up for your feelings and sometimes actions. It's part of being human which is a tough job sometimes. LOL xo

  2. Glad your husband is feeling better.
    Sometimes the best we can do is breathe in/breathe out.
    Hang in there!