Sunday, June 22, 2014

The dreaded dress

Day three has been a bit trying.

My little guy was up half the night last night with a sore throat and an earache.  He ended up climbing in with us for some mommy snuggles.  My kids are good about staying in their own beds so I'm usually OK with them climbing in with us once in a while when they are sick.  That being said, it was a huge mistake last night.  The boy could not stay still.  He tossed and turned and turned and tossed.  On top of that, he whined in his sleep.  Needless to say, it was a long night.   Hubs took him to the doctor first thing and there is nothing wrong with his ear or his throat.  Hopefully an infection won't pop up over the weekend. 

Admittedly, I was a bit worried going into today because of how tired I was.  Making better choices is often a bit more difficult when you're overtired. I was able to keep my wits about me though and anytime I had the thought to say "screw it" I'd immediately think about how bad I've been feeling and opted something better. So far, I'm keeping the eye on the prize: for now, fitting into my clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I had to go shopping for a dress up outfit today.  I work at a dance studio and the Show (we don't call it a recital) is tomorrow.  I need to pop on stage to be introduced so I should wear something that is half decent. I absolutely hate clothes shopping again. I can't find my current size. They seem to carry plenty of the larger sizes as far as tops go but bottoms are hard to find.  I was hoping to pick up some dressier crop or capris.  I would certainly wear those again over the summer on a night out.  Unfortunately, I only found a long skirt. I feel frumpy and dumpy in dresses and skirts but I have to suck-it-up and wear it anyway.   I give credit to heavy women everywhere who can pull off skirts and dresses!


  1. I hope your son feels better soon & that everything went well with your Show :)

    1. Thank you! This bug has made its way through the house. Hubs is down with it now!

      The show went really well. The kids did a really nice job.