Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feeling Deflated

Today I went into the gym for my measurements and weight check. I went into the gym all excited to confirm my 15.7 pound weight loss to only see a 10 or 12 pound loss on their scale. (I can't remember the exact amount, and am not feeling up to looking at the paperwork again).

The question now is whether or not it's my scale that needs calibrating or is it theirs that needs a little help? Personally, I would like to kick theirs. I know I shouldn't be living by the numbers on the scale. But it's sometimes easier said than done.

I guess the biggest question now is: how am I going to deal with this news? Well, I plan on keep on trucking along. I'm letting go of the evil scale at the gym and paying attention to the one at home that's been keeping a smile on my face. I'm also going to celebrate every single non-scale victory I have.

Onward and downward...

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