Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still down...

but not totally out.

Finally starting to feel more like myself again. I'm still getting a little winded doing menial tasks, but am not as exhausted as I was earlier in the week. Yesterday I made it into the gym; competed 25 minutes on the bike. I went back for more today, doing 27 minutes on the bike.  I should have a full training session tomorrow but have opted for a girls excursion instead. I'll head in early in the morning for a quick bike ride though. Will do at least 30 minutes.

Edmund (my trainer) told me he was proud of me today. Proud that I came into the gym to at least ride the bike while feeling under-the-weather. I was proud of myself too. I responded with "yes, I am too. It would have been too easy to sit on the couch and pout, but I opted to come in here to sweat-it-out".

I thought about the "easy to sit on the couch" part while I was driving home. It really isn't easier to sit on the couch anymore. The more I sit around doing nothing, the worse I feel. Let's face it, nutrition has gone right out the window while being sick. Why not exercise too? NOPE!  Not going to happen. There is no way I am going to let myself slip on that slippery slope. I am not going down that hill of despair! I'm holding my head high, dusting off the poor choices of the week and am moving forward.

Planning ahead for tomorrow's girls-day-out...
Breakfast is at home...having a handful of grapes before hitting the gym. Then I will have some eggs when I get back.

I'm packing a few snacks - a protein bar, fiber one bar and a piece of fruit.

Will be having lunch out - will do my best to make a better choice.

Dinner @ home with hubs and the kids.

I don't see why I will go over calories tomorrow. However, I am going to allow myself a little freedom if I do. The padding will be at lunch.

Saturday I WILL go to the gym in the morning for another bike ride.
Sunday I WILL either walk the treadmill or outside (hopefully the weather will cooperate).

Tomorrow's weigh in won't get me down. No matter what the scale says, I am going to keep on keeping on. I've had a rough week, that's OK. It's not going to define me or my journey.

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