Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One day at a time

Overall, yesterday wasn't too bad!

I found that I did really well for most of the day but struggled at night. It really was my own fault. I got busy and didn't have anything prepped. Goes to show the importance of prepping and planning!

I took my son out for a walk around our little block too. I was a bit nervous about that given the condition of my feet. They were a bit sore last night but are OK today. Maybe the physical therapy is starting to help. I'll be meeting with the physical therapist today, we'll see what she has to say.

My total calories (in) yesterday were 2117
Calories (out) during the walk 107

So, I was over my intake by about 100 calories. I'm OK with that.

Today is a new day and will be even better than yesterday!

I have some concerns about the Wellbutrin too. I have an email in to the doctor to discuss. I have tinnitus along with hearing loss...the Wellbutrin is making the tinnitus worse. I can hardly hear myself think!  My mouth is so dry, my voice is hoarse, I had a sore throat, been getting headaches....wondering how long all this is supposed to last?

Well, the fridge is now chockfull of fresh fruits and veggies. I'm ready to rock and roll. Bring on the day!

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