Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I must be getting old!  I went clothes shopping yesterday. The weather is starting to warm up a bit and all my stuff from last year was donated in the fall because it was all too big. I'm happy to (still) be in a smaller size, just not happy about the prices!

I walked into one of my favorite (plus size) clothing stores yesterday just to be sticker shocked. I knew going in that they are a bit more expensive than I would like but the other retailer that I used to frequent has since closed their doors...most of them anyway...the next closest one to me is 20 minutes away. Anyway, in I go knowing that I will only be able to buy 2-3 tops. HA! I didn't purchase a thing. All the cotton shirts (nothing special about them) started at over $30!  I couldn't believe it!  Out I walked.

I did end up finding another store (the one that closed it's local doors). I was able to buy a week's worth of tops for the price of 3 at the other place.

Seriously, what is going on with all the rising costs. It's crazy!  I used to shake my head and roll my eyes when my (late) grandmother would complain about prices. And here I am doing the same thing. Then I think about it and realize how crazy I am. I'm OK with spending just over $2 for a cup of coffee at the drive thru but won't spend the money on stuff that I need. What is up with that?

And to yesterday's business....just keeping me on track and honest....
Calories in 2130
Calories out -Physical Therapy bike only- 123

And a photo of my ugly feet while being iced and electric stim. Gotta say that as crazy as it sounds, this is one of my favorite things. I think it's one of the things that is really helping me. I'm considering buying my own machine when PT is over.

And just how are things with my feet anyway?  Well, I rested them a lot over the weekend. By Monday I was pain free. Like I mentioned yesterday, I did take a little walk on Monday which was OK. Then yesterday I did a lot of shopping (walking). I was a bit sore by the end of my trip and was happy to be in PT yesterday. This morning I'm a little sore but am functioning.

I asked my therapist what she thought of the cortisone shot. She said she hates shots but if I thought it would help to go ahead and do it, but based on my pain level the last few days I should probably hold off.

My appointment with the doctor is this afternoon. Very curious to see what she has to say about it. I just feel like if I could get to a pain-free (or as close to as possible), I'd be less depressed and more willing/able to get into the gym without worry about how I am going to feel when I am done.

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