Thursday, February 21, 2013

Avoided Disaster

I didn't plan on writing today. I haven't had much of anything going on and don't want to force myself to write something just for the sake of writing. Then today happened...

Stress. Stress and worry.
The cabinet crawl and refrigerator scrummage came right along with it.

That's where it all stopped though. I had a chat with myself about how food wasn't going to solve anything. Food will only make me feel worse. I have a ticker to change, I have spring clothes to buy in a (hopefully few) size(s) smaller. I've been working so hard. Nothing behind those doors would make me feel better.

I then plopped myself on the couch with my ipad and picked some mind numbing thing to watch on Netflix while the kids were trying to fall asleep. Once that video was done, I looked at the "stupid" treadmill and decided that I best  I asked hubs to pull it out from the wall while I went in to change. I walked for one hour. Just stuck with a nice comfy, relaxed pace of 2.5 with an incline of 2 and walked. Just before the hour was complete, I asked hubs to cut me up an orange. I was feeling a little weak and nothing tastes better after a workout than an orange.

That ticker will change next week. It.will.


  1. Hi Jenn! See? You cut off the negative thoughts just as soon as they started. <<That is very key. This is the very reason why I think you're going to have a good fitness/weight year. It's all a mind game, and you are becoming very aware of that. Oranges are super yummy this time of the year.

    :-) Marion