Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard Pictures

WEll, we survived the blizzard just fine!
Thankfully we didn't lose power. Just had to stay inside for the better portion of 24 hours.

Thought I would share a few photos...

This is from 11:00 or so at driveway is under all that and it was plowed about an hour and a half before this photo was taken. You'd never know it though.

This is a view of what it looked like when we opened the front door. Can't open the door like that! Approximately 2 feet of snow right there.

There is a car under all that snow!  We can only see one part of a tail light.
This is what the street looked like from my window at 9AM. The plow would come by but within fifteen minutes you'd never know it!

And just a pretty look at the poor bushes from my window. 

And this last photo is a shot from the ground. It shows the path that had to be shoveled out in order for the kids to get out into the back yard to sled. Crazy!

Thankful it's all over!  Can't believe how much snow there is out there...the kids certainly loved playing in it today.  Back to the grind tomorrow. 

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