Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Ugh. This weekend can't be over quick enough. I know that may sound strange because most live for the weekends. It's just been an emotional roller coaster for me and I want to get off!

My eye has been twitching from stress since Thursday (see post here).  Things aren't horrible, just uncertain. I hate uncertainties. I hate walking around constantly worried about the other shoe to drop. Yes, I know I can only control what I can control but...let's just say I am allowed to have a moment or two right now.  And the thing I am worried about isn't life or death.

Friday I had a great workout at the gym. Rudy worked me to the core and then I did my 30 minutes on the arc trainer. I felt wonderful.

Friday afternoon my father took the kids ice fishing. He asked me to come along because it "will be fun. You'll actually enjoy it. And you can pull the sled." I couldn't say no because he was so happy about going. He loves ice fishing and couldn't wait to bring the boys. Hubs and I went along. Walking across the ice was a lot of work. I was worried about falling and hurting my back which is finally feeling better. Alas, I didn't fall and did have a bit of fun watching my kids' reactions to the ice, the fishing and being cold. According to MyFitnessPal, I burned nearly 250 calories just ice-standing. Score! ;-)

Yesterday was a trying family day. Parenting; 'nuff said. :)

Today has been another icky sort of day emotionally.  I really don't want to get into it right now because my feelings are really raw. Just suffice it to say that someone hurt my feelings. My heart shattered a bit and I'm now trying to find how to work through those feelings. It especially sucks because I've been on such a high about my weight loss progress and this just brought me right back to the ground.  No worries though, I haven't turned to food for comfort. Just to the Diet Coke which I was almost weaned off of.  Better that than the calories. I will get off of it. Today isn't the day.

My plan for the evening is to go to a meeting that I have to go to and when I return home I will walk for an hour on the treadmill while I catch up on The Biggest Loser. 

I hope your weekend was better than mine! Things could be worse. I realize that. I will feel better after a walk and a good night's sleep.

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  1. Hope you feel better. The pain of having your feelings hurt is sometimes so much worse than physical pain. Just remember that you are strong. Don't let someone else derail you from all the positive, good things in your life. *hugs*