Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

I'm happy to report another loss this week!

Down 2.4
Total since 1/5/13: 18.3

I'm just a week away from hitting my first big goal.

Today is the start of Lent. Now, I am nowhere near a good Catholic but I do participate in giving up something for Lent and we don't eat meat on Friday's during this time.

What am I giving up?  For starters, the drive-thru. My drive-thru adventures are usually on the healthier side of things but I could always choose something even healthier (apple and water) and my wallet will be happier. I wanted to give up eating out all together but we'll be taking hubs' parents out to dinner on Saturday, so there.goes.that.

I'm also giving up junk food. We've had a lot in the house over the last week or so with all the snow and "need" for comfort food. I really pushed the limit with all that I took in and know that I would continue to push it if I don't call it "off limits". In this instance, I'm clearly OK with saying something is "off limits" because I'm giving it up for God. It's only 40 days. I can handle it.

Do you participate in Lent?  What are you giving up? And if not, do you have any other traditions that you participate in? I would love to hear about them.


  1. Hi Jenn! Congrats on the weight loss! You're on a roll. :D

    I am C, but I don't give up things for lent. But I do give things up when it is the best thing to do. I've given a lot of things up, for the most part, food-wise. This happened because I internally believed it was the right decision, and months after lent is done, I will still be giving these things up because good choices should have no time limit.

    :-) Marion

  2. Awesome job on the weight loss. I am not Catholic and don't participate in lent, but I have given up things including drive thrus and every drink except for soy milk and water. It was hard. I got migraines and wanted to hurt everyone around me, but I made it through that and now I have so much better and have much more energy!

  3. -2.4 is awesome!!! Yay! :)
    Giving up drive-thru and junk food sounds like a good plan! Good luck :)

  4. well done on your weight loss! Your giving up junk food is a good plan, one I should really do as well!