Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finding Inspiration

WOW! It's been just about two weeks since I was all gung ho about starting a new blog and haven't said a word since. That is all about to change!

Two weeks ago I dragged my husband to the taping of Season 10, episode 1 of The Biggest Loser. Poor guy, he's not competitive and wants nothing to do with being anywhere near Jillian Michaels or anything related to The Biggest Loser and here I am dragging him to the taping and a workout challenge with Jillian. He did a great job and I thank him for supporting me all the way!

That day was simply amazing! It really felt like we were a part of something - something big. Listening to Mark Kruger from Season 5 talk about running the Boston Marathon and how "today" was our first step to greatness, and then working out with Jillian! I felt so inspired and really believe that I CAN do this! I was all set and ready to start my plan from that day forward until I started having a reaction to a thyroid medication that I protested taking in the first place. I began eating like I've never eaten before - binge after binge - but it wasn't like a binge. It felt more like having low blood sugar and scouring the cabinets for anything to take that horrid feeling away. After gaining another 6 pounds and persistent phone calls to the doctor, I took myself off the medication. It took a few days for the side effects to go away completely, but once they did I felt GREAT!

Last Tuesday night I decided to join The Biggest Loser Club . I need structure if I am going to stick to this! I took about an hour or so to go through the meal planning process, then I ordered my groceries from the shopping list they provide. I've been following the plan every day since. I also have been getting on the treadmill and doing the strength training exercises that they suggest. I can't wait til Tuesday to see how I am doing! I am already feeling like a million bucks -well, like a hundred thousand anyway. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I can feel better with exercise and eating right. Why don't I stick with it? That's a topic for another day.


  1. I'm right there with you sweetie. Exercising makes me feel great afterward, it's the during part that really gets me down.

    Glad to see you blogging again! Mine is still up and running, and I'm trying to blog more often, but you know how that goes.

  2. I so felt inspired that day also and hearing your story and everyone elese and meeting Jay and Mark Kruger and working out with Jillan it was a life changing event I said and I come home and have everyone around me saying how great I look that they see it EVERYWHERE where i am losing and that trigged a bad habit in me and since then I have gained a lot of my weight back at least 20lbs and i just lost 32lbs now talk about wtf in 2 weeks really? but being out of a job being in the house and no engery i BINGE AND BINGE until i go wth did i just do and i realize that EVERY time someone gives me a postive comment about myself I ALWAYS no matter what flip it to negative. I feel like I am aneroxic because they switch what people say and think oh you look good means i need to gain more weight you would think i would want to lose it but of course not. I am beyond lived with myself and the trap i keep following in... I am asking myself when will I realize that I need to stop thinking about what others think or say and turn the postive into positive and the negative into postive? I am lost for words on why i keep doing this to myself OVER and OVER and OVER again its a rollercoaster ride from hell and I want OFF IT NOW!!! omg i just vented BIG time...

  3. Hey Nichole! Glad to see you here! I have to get reading blogs again too...I am so bad!

    And Leesh - I am going to talk about that very topic soon!! I do the same darn thing!!! Hang in there!!!!! ((HUGS))