Monday, June 7, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

....even though it's Monday. :) I planned on blogging yesterday but just wasn't feeling up to it and had company over. This is a scrap page I'm working on for my youngest son's first year album. The picture is of my grandmother - his great grandmother (aka GG), holding him for the first time. Unfortunately, my son won't remember his GG as she just passed away in April. I find it amazing though that she had the chance to meet SIX great-grandchildren! Seriously, how awesome is that?!?!

Going through my Grandmother's death wasn't easy. When is death ever easy? But from a weight loss perspective it really puts a damper on things. What better reason to eat than when you are watching someone you are so close to and love so deeply die? I so wish I was one of those people who lost their appetite during stressful situations! That just isn't the case...I gained TEN pounds in the month leading up to my Gram's passing.

Just before she passed, I wanted to ask her for her skinny "genes"...MAN! I would love to have those! She ate like a bird. She would be turned off and actually would be disgusted if you served her too much food or gave her a big plate! Two of my favorite stories of her regarding food are the time that I walked into her house and she asked me if I had eaten lunch - I had - she told me that she was famished (she did use the word famished!) and proceeded to make herself HALF of a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Ummm....yeah! That wouldn't even be an appetizer to most people. My second favorite story is when we took her to Foxwoods and ate at the buffet. If you knew my Gram you know that she had a love for sweets! She would have chocolate cake for dinner! Anyway, when she went up to the dessert section, she refused to get anything because there was too much to chose from and that just churned your stomach. Here I was thinking "I'll have one of each" and I wonder why she was thin and I am not?

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