Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Down 2.2 pounds this week!  Total 4.8

Feeling like I am finally on my way! I worked my butt off last week. Been walking 1.5+ miles every morning with the bus-stop moms. It's so nice to have people to walk with.  Gets me motivated and makes the walk go by much faster.

Did you watch Loser last night?  Man!  I was crying like a baby. I think my 2.2 pounds lost this week was from all the tears I shed.  Such sad stories this go-around!  I'm so horrible with names, so forgive me, but after the one woman talked about her parents lost one son in a drowning accident and another one later...I hugged my kids a little harder to say the least!

I am so lucky to have had the chance to attend the taping in Boston.  Having been there to see it all happen live was simply amazing.  It is also unreal how much work goes into the production and how much is edited for TV. There were cameras around all day. There were ton of people telling their stories on camera and other cameras were following people around "listening" in on their conversations.  I know that because I was on film talking to some guy about the process of losing weight...

I am still reeling from last night's episode and from my loss this week.  Need to keep up my momentum!

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