Monday, November 14, 2011

Great workout

My schedule was thrown to pieces yesterday. The plan was to hit-the-gym right when my father came home (he's home early and can watch the boys for me while I am out), but that didn't happen. My eldest was all out of sorts and I wasn't about to leave him with his grandfather for an hour. By the time my husband got home, the kids were fed, and the bedtime routine was started, I was pooped. The last thing I wanted to do was a workout. But, I sucked it up and went.

I pulled into the gym to see a sea of cars and people. I couldn't believe my eyes. The gym was the busiest I have ever seen it. There are always classes of some sort going on so I tend not to panic. Although, I was a little worried when I had to park in one of the last open spots. YIKES!  Gonna be busy!  Anyway, I walk in with a crowd of people. No exaggeration either. The woman behind me even commented on it being so busy. It was like a Black Friday sale was happening! Seriously.

Lucky for me my bike was open. Good thing too because all the elliptical and treadmills were in use. Couldn't believe it. So, I hop on my bike and decide it's too busy in the gym for a full workout so I will only do the bike. And I gave myself permission to go easy seeing as this breathing thing is rough with this lingering cold. What ended up happening was a different story.

Here I was on my bike pedaling away. I noticed I wasn't in too rough of a shape so I pedaled harder and faster. I made it to 5 miles in just over 22 minutes. (I do a slow warm up for 3 mins so I am fairly pleased with the time). I hop off the bike to see all these muscle heads pumping iron. I really didn't want to fight for weights. I walked around for a few minutes and decided that there isn't any reason we all can't share. I kicked my ass. OK, so I kicked my arm's was great. I haven't done a full upper body workout in weeks. No pain. Can't wait to try the bench press and some pushups again! Can't. Stop. Me.

Tonight was no different. I hit the gym a little later than what I would have liked but got a decent workout in. Just did the bike tonight though. I have a one hour block scheduled for my gym time in the morning so I opted to rest the muscles today. Thursday is always a gym-day as my son has tennis lessons so I get to work out while he's learning. Win-win.

So, as far as the gym goes, I am rocking it this week.
Food wise? I'm OK. I've been feeling shaky and not right so have been eating a little more than I should be. I need a few days of balanced eating under my belt so the sugar spikes can stop.

Overall, it hasn't been a bad start to the week.

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