Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I know, I know. I'm a day (8days) late and a few dollars short. But, due to last week's storm we had to move Trick-or-Treating to this past Sunday.

The town decided to make the hours a little earlier than our usual. We headed out while it was still very light out. Strange. There was about a 60% participation rate with the handing out of the candy. I suspect it had more to do with the date change than anything else. Some people (us included) left bowls out on the front steps for the little ghouls to grab from. Typically my Mom would stay at the house to hand out the candy but she was off at the Patriots game. Both my husband and I really enjoy going out with the kids so we decided to leave the bowl out.

Trick-or-Treating not on Halloween is very strange. It's November and we're doing Halloween stuff. The kids didn't seem to mind though. They were so happy to have their Halloween and their candy. My little guy really got into it this year. So cute to watch him go up to the door to say "trish-a-treats" and "thank youuuu" only to turn and run saying "YIPEEE" or "YAHOO" followed by a little dance move. As he got tired, his big brother was sweet and would grab him a pieces of candy. So nice how they can help each other out at times.

When we finally got home, I let them have just about whatever they wanted. I am from the school of thought that says to let them have all they want that night, they won't want much more after then. And I was right. My eldest ate himself into a small bellyache. The little guy could have kept going but it was bed time. The little one carried his pumpkin around all day yesterday. We gave them both 3 pieces of candy to last the day. It was amazing to watch my little one ration his supply to make it last the day. As of noon today, neither of them have asked for a morsel of candy. Well, they could have asked the hubs and I don't know about it...I will just pretend no one has asked.

And to the most important part: How am I handling the candy in the house?  Not bad. I had the kids pay their tax that night. I had one mini kit-kat yesterday and that's been it. I don't even want any. I am in a good place this week. I told myself that I wasn't going to have anymore and I haven't. I'm being as on as I can be to Thanksgiving. It's a little difficult with a cold. I find I am much more hungry when I' am fighting a cold. It's also harder to workout because of the weakness. I feel fine just as long as I keep a low profile. And that's what I am doing the next day or so. Keeping a low profile so I can get this cold out of me and then I will punch-it-up at the gym.

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