Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tough to get old

This is a cake I made for my Mom's friend who turned 50. 

I walked into the doctor's office yesterday carrying my not-quite three year old who was just waking. Of course, all eyes are on him and ultimately me; being the mom who's carrying in a sleeping "baby". 

I check in and move on over to the door closest to where I will be called so I won't have to carry him further than I need to. (The little bugger is getting heavy!) I sit down and take a quick glance around the room. Not only are all eyes on me, but I am the youngest one in there. 

My goodness, I thought. Everyone else in that waiting room was at least 60 but most were in their 70's I would say. Half had canes. One had a walker. The women were mostly scowling. One man reminded me of my late grandfather, especially when he flirted with the nurse who came to get him. There was one woman who commented on how good my little guy was, then told me she had to go to the bathroom (again). 

The older man with the walker was there with his wife. He kept looking at my little guy with a little grin on his face as if he were remembering days of his young-ins or his (great?)grandkids. I noticed the two of them chattering together so comfortably. They just seemed to fit together like a glove. He got called away and came back with his arm bandaged and his sleeve rolled up. His wife lovingly fixed him up, unrolling his sleeve so he wouldn't get cold - or look ridiculous - either way, it was sweet. 

Then I began to think about how lucky I am to be with the man of my dreams. He's so good to me. He fusses over me just the way that little old lady did to her man. So sweet and caring. I'm so lucky to have that in my life and thought about how when we're old and grey, that will be us too. 

I then thought about how rough it really must be to get old. Thinking about all the changes my body has gone through in just my thirties alone - YIKES!  "Can't" wait to see what the forties and beyond bring. Seeing how many people in the waiting room had canes and bathroom issues made me really stop to think about how I need to get myself back on the track to wellness. None of us know how long we have on this planet. I especially worry that my time is going to be cut short with the MGUS lurking down my neck. All the more reason to get up and move. And eat a carrot stick or two. :) 


  1. Hi! I've been writing about getting older on my blog too! Very sweet what you say about your husband.

    :-) Marion

  2. Thanks Marion!
    I'm headed over to read your blog now. I thought I had it on my blog roll..adding now. ;-)