Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still dragging

I've been feeling very blah as of late. Not sure why. I love the holiday season, so it's not that. I think some of it is that I've been very upset with myself for losing focus. I've worked so hard over this last year, but have been dragging behind since September. I've done OK (using loosely) with the eating, but certainly things could have been much, much better!

The last two weeks have been the worst. I swore I wasn't going to let Thanksgiving throw me off too much. It's just one day. No need to indulge in the days preceding. Wish I stuck to that plan!  A lot of it is emotional eating. I hate Thanksgiving. Not sure why. Just do. I know I am in the minority here, and that's OK. I love what the day stands for, just don't like it as a whole. I am glad to see it gone.

This week I am better though. Back to being a bit focused. I still feel a bit out-of-touch with myself, but am trying really hard to find a reason why. I'll get there.

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