Friday, November 16, 2012

Weigh in

Down 8 pounds this week (5 was the water weight I gained last week)
Total is 18.9
Just 10 pounds left before I hit my first important milestone....and 15 from where I was last Christmas. I would love to lose 15 between now and Christmas but I won't hold my breath. I know how slow I lose so I will be happy with whatever I can get!

Had a great workout today with Rudy!  He really pushed me and I realized that I am a lot stronger than I think. Love how the brain takes a while to catch up to the body. That's not so say I won't be back in doubt on Monday though. HA!

Sorry, but that's all I have energy for today. My kids had us up before the crack of dawn today. I'm wiped out!


  1. Hi Jenn! 15 down from last Christmas--that's awesome! So let's keep our goals in mind throughout this holiday season. There is over one month before Christmas. You probably could lose a noticeable amount of weight by then. I'm certainly going to try. I have new jeans in mind for my birthday in January.

    :-) Marion