Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Activity and Foot Fail

I decided that we need to do something active as a family. We thought we'd give geocaching a try. So, Sunday morning we packed our water bottles, a light snack, and the kiddies into the car to go seek some caches.

The first one we found was in a local parking lot. There was a hint saying something about "you light up my life" or something to that affect. We though "this should be easy - it's clearly on a light post...how hard could this be?" Away we walk looking at every light post - some more than once...then suddenly we notice this tiny little object that we've looked at a bunch of times and passed off as part of the pole; was actually the cache! My son had a great laugh about that and then begged to do more.

The next cache had us "hiking" into the woods a bit. I use the word hike lightly here. Yes, it was a trek into the woods - with kids - so it was more of a hike than a stroll through the park. There were hills to climb and rocks to climb on. This time though, my son found the cache all on his own. Again, we had looked in this one section that we thought it was in but we couldn't find it and all of a sudden we hear this excited little voice yell "HERE IT IS!" Oh was he elated to find the box all on his own!

The point here is that we were out as a family - enjoying each others company all while being active. We've made memories and burned calories all at once - can't get much better than that!

The "bad" part to all of this is that my foot is acting up again. Yes! Still have that issue from my working out at the BL Taping. I called the Podiatrist and got in right away. Apparently, I not only have a flat foot, but also have two bone spurs and planter factitious. I had a cortisone shot today - that was fun...still easier than child birth though ;-). Will have a follow up next week. I'm supposed to keep my activity very light - no real exercise this week until the bandages come off.

As far as my weigh in tomorrow. I may skip it...I know I am holding water, I am all puffed up from being out in the heat today. We'll see how swollen I am in the morning. I'd hate to get on the scale and show a gain - just to be depressed about it.

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