Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's my husband's birthday today! And the poor guy had to go with a less than perfect cake - yet again! A few years ago he asked for a black forest cake - it's all he ever wanted and all he talked about. So off I went to the bakery to place the order for black forrest cake, mind you that this was a few weeks prior to his birthday. Guess what happened! The bakery didn't have the ingredients- specifically the cherries - and called me the day before his birthday to let me know they weren't making the cake. Have you ever heard such a thing? Actually, yes!

It reminded me of the time we went into a Boston Market (right around the time they changed their name from "Boston Chicken") and my husband asks for a meatloaf, "sorry, we're all out." He said "OK, I'll have chicken." "Sorry, we're all out of that too." I think the beads of sweat started to form on my husbands forehead when he asked "OK, then what DO you have?" "umm...just ham today." Are you kidding me? The place prides itself on the CHICKEN! Oh, and couldn't the kid have started with "I'm sorry, we are out of everything but pig today." Boy! We were in stitches!

OK, so back to the cake story. The next year I order the cake (black forest again) from a different bakery. Guess what happened that time? They FORGOT to make it!!! Priceless.

Last year I decided to make him one. Actually it was Gram and I that did the baking. It didn't look so good - it collapsed, but it tasted YUM!!!!

Now here we are. Another birthday and yet another cake disaster! This year hubs wanted a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Shouldn't be difficult, right? Apparently it is when it comes to HIS birthday cakes! I made the cake, popped it in the oven. A little while later the kids wanted to join their grandparents in the pool and out the door we went. We were in the pool for probably 10-15 minutes when I realized that I forgot to check on the cake. Thankfully it wasn't totally burned, but the edges were a little crispy. Sorry honey!!!! Maybe next year!

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