Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Can't be too disappointed this week. Down 1.3 pounds. I had a few rough days, so I am happy with the progress! Really hoping to kick things into high gear this week though! Even contemplating joining the gym again. Although every time I go to pick up the phone for pricing and such I start to tear up with thinking about my last experience when people were staring at me. I wasn't imagining really did happen!

Goals for the week:

Meal Plan
Cut back the diet soda to no more than 1 a day
Get in 72 oz of water
Keep a better food log - not doing it daily now
Say something good about myself daily


  1. I'd add:
    Listen to your husband when he says something nice about you daily.

  2. I wouldn't be dissapointed at all. That's about what you want to aim for losing every week, more than that and it comes back too easy :)