Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cleaning House

Today's post is one of those "other ramblings"....

I don't know what is going on with me, but the last two nights I have been a cleaning MA-chine!  Last night I decided I would turn on some youtube videos about scrapbooking while I tidied up the kids playroom.  I went through every bucket, drawer and shelf and organized or threw out stuff that was broken (not much of that - my kids are pretty good with their toys) or junk (ie dollar store stuff). I also made a small pile of items to sell in a future yard sale.   Felt so good to have everything clean. 

Tonight, my little guy fell asleep in my room.  He's not feeling too well and tends to do that when he's under the weather. I thought while he's sleeping I'd go ahead and tackle his room.  My little guy is actually pretty neat so it wasn't a tough task but again, I tossed all the junk and put everything away in a more organized fashion. 

I finished that around 10:00 and thought I could tackle the downstairs bathroom (which is now our main bath until the other one is finished). Anyway, the basement is where the playroom, scraproom and "daddy's room"(aka Man Town) is.  The playroom ended up being smaller than we would have liked so I put some storage in the bathroom to house some of the toys.  I tend to rotate through them so the kids don't get too bored.  Anyway, the toys were all taken apart and it was just a big old nightmare in there.  Not anymore!  

I just went up the stairs with a huge trash bag. Hubs couldn't believe his eyes when he realized I had more to toss and that I was still cleaning.  Truth be told, neither can I! I have been non-stop all day long. I'm not sure where all this is coming from but I hope to Heaven that it lasts a few more days!  I would love to do my elder's room next! 

I guess the [other] good news in all of this is that I'm getting some extra exercise! 

Speaking of exercise. Tomorrow is a gym day. I really need to talk to my trainer about giving me an at-home program to do.  I've dropped to two days a week in the gym. During my workouts now I feel so weak. I really need that third day but just can't afford it with the bathroom debacle and losing my little bit of pay for the summer. We'll see what he has to say tomorrow when I speak with him. 

I guess I best get some much-needed and much-deserved shut-eye. 

Have a happy and healthy day. 


  1. I love it when the energy keeps coming like that. And I always feel better when I clean my room or vacuum. Hope the little fella is doing better today. And good luck at the gym, I will be glad when I get to go to a gym

  2. I love clean-sprints! You get so much done, look at what you have accomplished and then either two things happen to me: 1) I sleep great due to exhaustion, or 2) I lay there thinking of more things to do and then eventually get up and do them. I hope you had a good sleep though! :)

  3. I haven't had a cleaning jag for... well, this decade. I think I surrendered somewhere around 2007. It's probably time to start in again. Nice job on cleaning it all out though! Now that my kiddos are teenagers, I'm a bit frightened of what I'll find in their rooms.