Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just another rainy day

This weather pattern isn't good for the mood. But,  I'm really trying not to let it get me down. Just because Mother Nature is in a mood, doesn't mean I have to be too, right? Right.

The meeting with my "paid friend" was spent talking about everything but the food issues.  I didn't plan it that way, honestly.  She asked about how something else was going and the conversation went from there.  We are meeting again next week to talk more about the food stuff though, so don't worry too much.

Ultimately, I am just going through a rough patch with stress.  For starters, this bathroom debacle is really getting the best of me.  We're still waiting for a quote from the plumber and the wall guy has yet to show up to look at things. Hubs worked on getting as much out of there as he could over this last weekend and the plan is to take out the last of it tonight. We aren't sure how much of the drywall we need to take down - hopefully we just need to replace the damaged stuff.  Needless to say, I want answers and I want to get this thing going.

Between the bathroom and a few other more personal things, I'm getting closer and closer to the edge. One of the things I am trying so desperately to hold on to is that I know if I'm taking care of myself, everything else won't feel so "painful". I've really had to bring out the moment-by-moment kind of thinking to the forefront. Being more concisely aware of what I am doing really helped me get through yesterday and thus far, I'm doing fine today (It is only 9:27am though! ;-)).

OK, I'm off to the Depot.  Have lots of things to look at and price out. It will be good for both my son and I to get out of the house on this rainy day. If he has things his way, he'd play on his DS all day. Not that I blame him, his little ears hurt and it is very gloomy out there.

Wish me luck.

Have a happy and healthy day.


  1. Hi Jenn! *None* of this stuff is worth getting bent out of shape over.<<Think about that every time you want to feel gloomy, and then snap out of it.

    Remember the upcoming Bon Jovi concert, and count yourself lucky to have such a lovely family who loves you so much--and then be very happy. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion! Just thinking about Jon cheers me right up!

  2. Good luck Jenn! Rainy days are nice days to catch up on some sleep, that's what my suggestion is, just have a sleep day. Either way things will get better, just keep trying

    1. Sleep sounds glorious! I thought about it too! My tiny man took a (rare) nap. I tried but I just couldn't do it.

  3. Aww Jenn, it sounds like there is lots of stuff going on in your mind, and that has happened to me too. I hope today is a brighter day!! :)